ME/CFS research projects Netherlands announced

Great news! Today, April 25th, 2023, ZonMw has announced which consortia and which scientific research projects will receive funding and can therefore start up. The winners are the consortia NMCB¹ and MeCfs Lines plus ten associated projects.

We believe that the ZonMw program committee has made an excellent choice, and we are incredibly pleased with this outcome!

And we are not the only ones who think the champagne can now be opened. One of the scientists reported about the introduction meeting with all the project leaders:

“It was great to meet all my colleagues, including those from the other consortium. Each and every one of these is a beautiful project, and all of them are hardcore biomedical research. I’m really looking forward to getting started and working with all of them!”

Click here for information about consortium NMCB with its six associated projects.

Click here for information about consortium MeCfs Lines with its four associated projects.

We are involved in both consortia and are therefore well-equipped to compare all plans with the research agenda. The two consortia complement each other perfectly. Our conclusion is that it is possible to carry out every type of research according to the agenda with the NMCB and MeCfs Lines consortia, and that this would not be possible with just one of them. Those with a keen interest in science can find a summary of our analysis here.

NMCB: The Netherlands ME/CFS Cohort and Biobank Consortium 

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